Food Paradise: Deep Fried Paradise 4 Pictures

America's yummiest deep-fried treats from coast to coast. Chow down on deep-fried baby back ribs in San Diego, duck fat-fried french fries in Boise, ID, and Southern fried chicken in Charleston, SC.
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In Boise, ID, bite into Boise Fry Company’s Po’ Balls. A popular variation on tater tots, BFC’s Po’ Balls are grated russet potatoes, seasoned and deep-fried.

Visit Seattle’s Unicorn for a taste of Unicorn Droppings -- deep-fried peanut butter cups with banana and whipped cream.

Dickie Dee’s in Newark, NJ, serves up a mouthwatering Italian hot dog -- a pizza bread pocket filled with mustard, 2 deep-fried hot dogs, and topped with peppers and onions, fried potatoes and ketchup.

Stop by Adam’s Grub Truck in San Francisco for a taste of the Kraken -- a deep-fried soft shell crab sandwich served with 2 jumbo soft shell crabs, avocado wasabi, pickled ginger, fried egg, Asian slaw, bacon and roasted seaweed served on a brioche bun.

Head to Chicken Charlie’s at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, CA, for the Jelly Donut Chicken Sandwich -- deep-fried chicken on a raspberry jelly donut, topped with honey and powdered sugar.

At The Mighty Cone in Austin, TX, the hot and crunchy, deep-fried Pickles and guajillo chili dusted fries are a customer favorite.

For a deep-fried sugar coma, try The Fritti at Salty Caper in Salisbury, NC. The Fritti is deep-fried pizza dough stuffed with a variety of chocolate candy bars, deep-fried and topped with powdered sugar and hot fudge.

Bourgeois Fries at the Boise Fry Company in Boise, ID, are sliced russet potatoes deep-fried in duck fat and topped with truffle salt.

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