Food Paradise: Sausage

Bite into the best bratwurst, bangers, sausage patties and links across America, including rattlesnake tube steak in SoCal, long smokies in Texas and a heaping helping of Germany -- in Milwaukee.
Episode: Sausage Paradise
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Gene’s Sausage is a European market that specializes in 40 different varieties of smoked meats and sausages.

These legendary links spend 40 minutes in the oven before they’re dropped into a red sauce made with fresh tomatoes, fennel seed and a secret mix of spices known only to the restaurant’s chef-owner Francesco Buffa.

Brooklyn is home to one of the oldest, most venerable sausage specialists in the country -- Ferdinando’s Focacceria.

Many customers stop by the Southside butcher counter to take home some of the finest sausage that Texas has to offer.

Elgin, TX, is known for just one thing -- sausage. Elgin sausage is so sensational that it’s sold all over America, but the best is still served at the oldest barbecue joint in the Lone Star State: Southside Market.

Sweet peppers and onions are a welcome topping to an already succulent Wurstkuche sausage.

Wurstkuche restaurant custom-designs 20 sausages, including classics such as Bockwurst, Hot Italian and even Vegetarian varieties.

The Polish Village cooks its succulent sausage in beer sauce.

The cooks at the Polish Village come straight from Poland or learned their craft from someone who did.

Like everything else on chef Robert Stehling’s menu, the star of this party is prepared from scratch, using only fresh, locally farmed ingredients.

Hominy Grill opened in 1996 as a Southern neighborhood restaurant in a great Southern neighborhood.

The bangers at the Horse Brass Pub in Portland, OR, offer a trip to England without the passport.

For those who prefer their pig in a blanket, the Horse Brass also serves up a banger sausage roll.

The sausage that owner Hans Weissgerber serves up is much the same as what’s been served in Germany for over 500 years.

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