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Meet the masters of the paranormal that help us decipher and analyze the evidence.

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Meet the technical and spiritual masters of the paranormal that help us decipher and analyze the evidence.
Andy Coppock
Andy is a research scientist for the biomedical community with a background in mechanical engineering, laser photonics, physics and quantum mechanics.

His quest into paranormal investigation has led to the development of new instrumentation and testing criteria for paranormal investigations. He is applying typical engineering and scientific testing methods to validate or explain paranormal phenomena. The fact that we do not currently have the technology to measure and understand these events drives him to find the truth, develop the science and add creditability to this field of research.
Bryan Abel
Bryan Abel has been a paranormal investigator and field instructor since 1983. He specializes in evidence analysis -- photo, video and EVP recordings. He's also a programmer and electronic engineer of various paranormal investigation technologies, including the infrared flashlight.

Abel is the cofounder of Spirits of Arizona, a scientifically based paranormal investigative team operating in Arizona.
Kevin Grose
Kevin Grose began to display a great interest in the paranormal starting at the age of 8. Growing up hearing and reading stories about ghosts, he had a great desire to experience one for himself.

Grose has participated in countless investigations as a member of the Greenbrier Paranormal Society, and as a theologist, Grose studies the world's religions and the afterlife in an attempt to explain spirit activity.

Grose is also a home healthcare specialist and a full-time student working towards his degree in education with a specialization in English, Social Studies and Art.
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan founded the Greenbrier Paranormal Society in 2003 with the specific intention of documenting indisputable evidence of spirit activity.

Sullivan's interest in the paranormal was sparked at the age of 16 after being shoved by an unseen force during an investigation of an abandoned mental hospital. Since then he's participated in countless investigations.

Sullivan is also a licensed electrician, which helps him to debunk EMF fluctuations.
Richard Senate
Richard Senate earned a degree in History from Long Beach State University and did a year of post-graduate work in Anthropology at UC Santa Barbara.

While doing some field work through Cal Poly San Luis Obispol, Senate saw a ghost monk at Mission San Antonio de Padua. This chance encounter changed his life. He began to study ghosts and related supernatural topics, becoming one of the pioneers in the paranormal field.

He has appeared on "Search for Haunted Hollywood" (Fox), "Sightings" (UPN), "Haunted Houses" (A&E), "Haunted Hotels and Haunted History" (History Channel). Most recently he appeared on "DeadFamous" in the UK.

Senate is the author of 14 published works on ghosts and history including "Hollywood Ghosts," "Ghosts of the Haunted Coast" and "Ghost-stalker's Guide to Haunted California." His newest work, "The Shocking Psychic Solution to the Lizzie Borden Case," is about to be published.

He leads tours of haunted sites and holds classes on ghost hunting in Ventura, CA. He also managed two historic museums and served the city of Ventura as a historian for 22 years.

Senate lived briefly in Carson City, NV, where he investigated several haunted sites in that community and Virginia City.

He writes a column in the "Ojai Valley Voice" newspaper about psychic subjects and also contributes to the "Ventura County Star" newspaper.

Senate continues to research and investigate the unknown, seeking answers to the riddles of ghosts and haunted houses. Visit his web site for more information.
Bob Christopher
Bob Christopher is the co-founder of NEPA Paranormal. The group is based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Christopher has been in the paranormal field for almost 10 years. He runs the tech department for the group and reviews all video and some recordings.

The paranormal has always peaked Christopher's curiosity, because he grew up in what he considers a haunted house. The experiences he had in the house terrified him. For years he dealt with mysterious footsteps and voices, furniture moving, sounds of chains dragging, apparitions, even his bed levitated. Some 30 years later, Christopher went back to investigate the house and captured an EVP that said, "You lived here."

After reading and understanding more about the paranormal, the fear factor is no longer there for Christopher. Now NEPA Paranormal tries to educate others on what exactly is going on in their home, so they don't have to live in fear.

As for his day job, he's employed as a mechanic at the local bus company in Luzerne County.
Gloria Young
Gloria Young is the founder and director of The Center For ParaPsychical Research and the Ghost Trackers Paranormal Research Group. She has almost 20 years of experience investigating and researching paranormal activity, and Ghost Trackers is the largest, oldest and most active paranormal research group in Northern California.

Young keeps her group on the forefront of the West Coast paranormal community through their research, scientific methodologies, investigative techniques, collaboration with other groups and the use of cutting-edge technology or equipment.
Billy Tolley
Billy Tolley is a club DJ and producer with a strong background in audio editing and production software.

Tolley was first turned on to the paranormal after learning about electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Having many years of experience in music and a solid understanding of sound in general, his curiosity led him to investigate and capture EVP for himself. Amazed at what he found, Tolley soon founded the Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations of Mysterious Phenomena Squad (PIMPS).
Wallie L.
Born in Del Rio, Texas, Wallie L's first paranormal event was in Marfa, TX, where he saw the Marfa Lights. He's had an interest in the paranormal ever since he was a kid, looking for books on UFOs, ghosts and creatures of all kinds.

He met Mike C. at work and realized they shared the same passion for the paranormal and decided to start Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations (LVPI). As the lead investigator of this group, Wallie L. wants to gather scientific evidence or proof of the existence of spirits and other unexplained entities. It's his hope and dream to one day be able to investigate full time and truly devote himself to the paranormal field.
Mike C.
Mike C. had his first paranormal experience while working at an old movie theater in Las Vegas. Soon after his interest turned to forming Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations (LVPI) in 2004 with Wallie L. As a group, the LVPI take a scientific approach, using instruments to monitor and capture paranormal activity. They enter an investigation (free of charge) to prove or disprove paranormal events.
Debby and Mark Constantino
Debby and Mark Constantino are a paranormal research team specializing in electronic voice phenomena (EVP). They believe there is a process that can allow us to communicate with the deceased, giving closure to the dead as well as the living. They even support the use of EVP as an aid in solving crimes.

The Constantinos have investigated some of the most haunted locations in the country with some of the most prominent paranormal experts. They have appeared on television shows such as Dead Famous, Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures, as well as countless radio programs.

Born and raised in a haunted house, Debby has a natural ability to see, feel and hear spirits. Since marrying her in 1989, Mark has also begun experiencing paranormal events. Together they've developed a special technique for recording and analyzing EVP during investigations, an invaluable tool when searching for paranormal evidence.

The Constantinos lecture at conferences around the country, sharing their investigation methods and EVP recordings. They also participate in live ghost hunts geared specifically to large groups with interactive sessions. Visit their web site for more information.
Bishop James Long
Bishop James Long studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood for more than 5 years. During his years in the seminary, Bishop Long received solid academic and spiritual formation.

Through prayer and spiritual advisement, Bishop Long accepted God's call to become an Independent Catholic Priest. He was ordained a Deacon Priest and was consecrated a Bishop within the Old Catholic Church.

Bishop Long has always known that he had a calling to serve in the priesthood. He can remember a burning desire to become a priest when he was just 5 years old, and that desire has never left him. By age of 9, Bishop Long was also called to study demonology and began absorbing anything he could on the subject. While attending the seminary, the Bishop was able to study the subject in more depth, and he remains grateful for the calling to serve as one of God's Priests and Exorcists.

Bishop Long is the author of a book called, "Through the Eyes of an Exorcist." He's also the founder of The Paranormal Clergy Institute. This institute was specifically created for paranormal groups to find help when dealing with demonic entities. The Bishop has performed over 23 documented exorcisms, and his desire to teach people about demonology continues as his ministry grows.

Currently the Bishop serves as the Presiding Archbishop for the United States Old Catholic Church where he teaches demonology classes and hosts a weekly radio show on the Para-X radio network called "The Sacred Division." Visit his MySpace page for more information.

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