7 Of Russell Acord’s Most Heart-Pounding Moments On 'Expedition Bigfoot'

Russell Acord has been searching for the cryptid for almost 50 years.

Russell Acord of Expedition Bigfoot

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

Bigfoot researcher Russell Acord has been looking for Bigfoot for most of his life. Here are seven heart-pounding moments Russ has had on Expedition Bigfoot.

Large Creature Bluff Charges Russell in Woods

Russell and his cameraman realize they are dangerously close to a cave-dwelling Bigfoot after they hear movement in the forest around them. A Bigfoot growls in the dark before it bluff charges them. When they climb to the top of a steep hill, they realize they’ve found the opening to a cave. Were they too close to the creature’s home?

Footprints That Tell a Story

Russell hears something in the water as he walks along a riverbank, but he sees something spectacular when he looks down. In the mud are two perfect footprints, and whatever left them is large. When day breaks, Russ and the team realize that the prints come out of the water and head into the woods. With a five-foot stride and an 18-inch footprint, there is no way a human left that impression.

Russell & Cameraman Stalked in Dead of Night

A trail through the woods grows narrow and Russ notes a foul odor of rotten meat as they move through the forest. According to Bigfoot witnesses, it is common for the smell of rot to permeate the air just before a sighting. As Russ films his thoughts on the hunt, he begins to hear something in the brush around him.

Russell Finds Clues Near Abandoned Railroad Trestle

While walking through the forest, Russell and his cameraman find a century-old train trestle once used for logging. As they walk along the old railroad path, they notice a tree sapling pushed down across the path. About 10 years later, he sees another one. What pushed the small trees all the way over to the ground?

Russell Finds Collection of Possible Bigfoot Nests

During a daytime hunt, Russ finds a stick in the shape of a cross pointing straight up out of the ground, much like he did the year before in Oregon. The unnatural display lets him know he’s headed in the right direction, and his hunch is right when he finds a Bigfoot nest high in a tree. What he sees when he looks down is shocking.

Russell Tracks Large Creature Through Dense Forest

Russell’s cameraman hears twigs snapping behind them as they hike through the forest, and the sound travels around them when they stop to listen. Russ and his crew see disturbed grass as they continue, and finally, they catch a heat signature on a distant hill.

Russell Finds Mysterious Tree Archway

Strange tree archways await Russ as he descends a hillside. The series of arches consist of thin tree branches woven together. The structures aren’t naturally occurring, leading him to believe something with hands was responsible for building the arches.

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