USS Hornet

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the USS Hornet, a World War II-era aircraft carrier where visitors have reported paranormal incidents.
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Zak and Aaron go over plans outside the USS Hornet.

Nick takes a camera-phone picture of Aaron.

The guys approach the long stairway up to the Hornet's enormous flight deck.

Nick readies one of the hand-held video cameras.

Nick admires one of the vintage aircraft on display at the USS Hornet museum.

An interesting view of the headgear worn by aircraft-carrier pilots.

Nick films Zak conducting an interview onboard the USS Hornet.

Another view of Zak and his interview subject.

Zak consults one of the paranormal detection instruments.

Nick and Zak share a laugh on the Hornet's historic flight deck.

An interior view below deck on the USS Hornet.

Zak reviews background documents outside the USS Hornet.

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