Hotel Impossible: Western Riviera Pictures

Anthony's in the scenic, quaint, but empty, mountain town of Grand Lake, CO, to help the Western Riviera, located next to the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, return to prominence.

Western Riviera in Grand Lake, CO

Anthony poses in front of the Western Riviera Hotel in the snowy ski town of Grand Lake, CO.

Talking to 2 Sisters

Anthony speaks with 2 sisters outside of Western Riviera to get a feel for their knowledge of the hotel.

Drilling Through Ice

Anthony drills a hole into the frozen lake so he can partake in a little ice fishing.

Chatting With Snowmobilers

Anthony chats with a few snowmobilers in front of the hotel.

Pushing the Owner

Blanche, Anthony and the Western Riviera team get ready to push owner, Jackie Tompkins, to the finish line.

Walking to the Room

Anthony and Blanche head to the Western Riviera for a room inspection.

Room Before Renovation Begins

A look at one of the rooms at Western Riviera before renovation begins.

Talking About Occupancy

General manager Lisa and owner Jackie talk at the front desk about their occupancy levels.

Western Riviera Cabins

Anthony walks through the snow in front of the Western Riviera cabins.

Learning to Snowmobile

Anthony and social media expert Joel Comm learn how to snowmobile.

Hanging With Snowmobile Steve

Anthony and Joel visit Gravel Mountain after a snowmobile trip with tour guide, Snowmobile Steve.

Grand Lake Townspeople

The Grand Lake townspeople get together at the hotel bar to support owners, Mike and Jackie.

Grand Lake, CO

No ski town is complete without one thing -- snow! Take in the view and the beauty that is Grand Lake, Co.

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