Monumental Mysteries: Greenbrier Ghost Pictures

Don Wildman visits a monument to the first circus elephant, looks at a tombstone of a young woman whose ghost allegedly helped convict her murderer, and examines the statue of a legendary explorer.
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In Somers, NY, is a 20-foot granite obelisk on top of which sits a statue of an unlikely pioneer -- an elephant.

"Old Bet" first arrived in America in 1805 and went on to a storied career as the first circus elephant.

In a quiet graveyard in Greenbrier County, WV, is a historic marker to the "Greenbrier Ghost.”

In 1897, a young woman by the name of Zona Heaster Shue is suddenly found dead. Weeks after Zona’s funeral, her mother approaches the authorities convinced that her daughter’s ghost revealed that she’d been murdered by her husband. The ghostly encounter is used as evidence in court and leads to a murder conviction.

On the banks of Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT, is an intriguing stone slab with an etching of a strange aquatic creature. Sightings of this legendary beast date back to the first European explorers to visit the lake. Could there really be a monster lurking in Lake Champlain?

On the island of Kauai in Hawaii is a statue to the great British explorer, Captain James Cook, who circumnavigated the globe 3 different times, exploring thousands of miles of previously uncharted territory.

Captain Cook was the first European to reach Hawaii, but during his second visit to the Big Island, he met his tragic demise after a confrontation with a group of natives. What lead to this shocking outburst of violence?

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