Off Limits: Cowboys Stadium and More Pictures

Don travels around the US, climbing roofs, ripping apart old cars, recycling tires, learning survival skills and investigating the mechanics behind Vegas landmarks.

Don visits BAS Recycling in Moreno Valley, CA, to learn how to recycle tires.

Don climbs a rubber mountain of tires at BAS Recycling. The tires are waiting to be broken down and reused.

Don tours the BAS Recycling facility to get a feel for the process of recycling tires.

After learning about the recycling process, Don gets to work on some used tires.

Don heads to Arlington, TX, to explore the mega-engineering of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Don investigates the video screen and retractable roof of the largest domed stadium in the world.

Don gets access to the Mirage Volcano control center and equipment room to see how the simulated eruption comes to life.

Don gets behind the controls of Bellagio’s famous fountain to learn the mechanics of the super shooters.

Don heads to Utah to get an up-close look at a fallout shelter under construction. He also gets survival skill tips from expert Paul Seyfried.

Don learns that being prepared for a disaster is about more than just having food, water and a roof over your head.

Don visits PK Crushing in Ohio to see how millions of tons of busted-up roadways and cracked sidewalks are turned into brand new roadway.

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