Behind the Scenes of Planet Primetime

Go behind the scenes with Karla Cavalli during filming of the first season of her show Planet Primetime.

The Winner Takes It All

Planet Primetime host Karla Cavalli puts it all on the line during a dress rehearsal for her performance on the hit Dutch show The Winner Takes It All.

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

Karla takes on a small role on the set of Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen in The Netherlands.

Seedy Ball Pit

Karla gets the inside scoop on the seedy side of Amsterdam… while sharing a ball pit with a new friend.

Fashion First

Karla studies all the intricacies of Japanese culture and fashion with hit singer Rina Harata.

Hitting the Streets

Karla checks out the street cuisine while taking a break from shooting in Japan.

Good Times in Japan

Karla poses for a picture with Heechan after trying on her new kimono.

To Bum or To Not Bum Bum

At the Miss Bum Bum contest in brazil, Karla Cavalli decides if she will or will not enter the show, holding the bikini she would need to wear.

Corcovado Hill

Karla poses in front of the Corcovado Hill where the infamous Christ the Redeemer statue stands.

Caldeiro de Huck

Karla takes in the Caldeiro de Huck set in Brazil.

Elco Market

Karla browsing through the Elco Market in Mumbai.

Bollywood Cuisine

A behind the scenes look at host Karla Cavalli assisting Chef Sanjeev Kapoor with preparing a popular dish on an Indian television show.

Time to Laugh

Comedian Varun Thakur and Karla Cavalli share a laugh as they discuss comedy in India.

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