Man Finds Food: Milwaukee Pictures

The delicious and off-the-menu secrets Adam found in Milwaukee.
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Wisconsin Cheese Market

Founded in 1938, this cheese market is famous for offering an extensive variety. If you don’t get enough cheese there, the Uber Tap Room next door has a menu featuring many of the market’s selections. 

Cheese Heads

Adam talks with the Wisconsin Cheese Mart’s Kelley Cramer.


By day, Ardent is a mecca of haute dishes, but at night, it becomes a secret ramen joint that serves an inspiring version of the traditional Japanese noodle soup.

Tonkatsu Ramen

A special on Ardent’s after-hours menu is the tonkatsu ramen.

The Spyburger

The Spyburger at the Safe House restaurant in Milwaukee, WI.

Chicken Tiki Masala

Shah Jee’s, which is hidden in an office building, dishes out Pakistani food and has a loyal following. Its offerings include the secret Chicken Tiki Masala.

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