The Layover: Dublin Pictures

Anthony Bourdain has 36 hours to sample as much of Dublin’s cuisine -- and have as many pints -- as he possibly can.
Episode: Dublin
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"Dublin's greatest hangover cure is a perfect combination of local oysters and a pint of the black stuff." – Anthony Bourdain

Tony and Dublin restaurateur Joe Macken have lunch at Bear. Joe now owns 5 restaurants in Ireland’s capital city, all of which use products strictly from Irish companies.

Dublin's beautiful local seafood.

Tony enjoys a sausage roll from Lolly and Cooks.

The crew films Hudson Taylor, an Irish band made up of brothers Harry and Alfie.

A pan-fried fillet of hake at The Chop House – a famed Irish “gastropub” where Tony had one of his favorite meals in Dublin.

"The best/worst place to end up after a pub crawl in Dublin is a chipper (aka a fish and chip shop)." – Anthony Bourdain

Tony has a porterhouse at The Chop House.

"A nice, 'light' breakfast to get you started in Dublin at Slattery's Pub." – Anthony Bourdain

“Million-Dollar Fries” at Joe Macken’s restaurant, Bear.

Tony and his old friend Paddy go for a walk in Dublin.

"I'm taught the art of the perfect pour from a master at Gravedigger's pub." – Anthony Bourdain

Pigs’ feet at Gravediggers -- a pub with a reputation for pouring a perfect pint.

"One of the best meals I had in Dublin was at this place: The Chop House." – Anthony Bourdain

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