The Layover: Los Angeles Pictures

Anthony Bourdain hits Los Angeles for In-N-Out Burger, Koreatown and to stay at his favorite hotel: Chateau Marmont.

Anthony Bourdain makes a pit stop at one of his LA favorites: In-N-Out Burger.

Anthony Bourdain talks to the owners of Ludo's food truck.

Anthony Bourdain's entertainment wheels while in LA.

Behind the scenes at Philippe's.

Anthony Bourdain eats tacos and a breakfast burrito at Tacos Villa Corona.

Anthony Bourdain dines at Animal with owners Vinny and Jon.

The Layover crew films beauty shots in Malibu for the episode.

Anthony Bourdain eating at his LA bungalow.

Anthony Bourdain and chef Roy Choi eat a variety of pork dishes at Ham Ji Park.

The Layover crew films inside Chateau Marmont.

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