The Layover: Rome Pictures

Tony has a limited time to eat, drink, and "vespa" his way through the Eternal City. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from his short stay in Rome.
Episode: Rome
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Tony and his friend Sara Pampaloni cruise the streets of Rome in her classic Fiat 500.

Tony challenges Pizzarium Chef Gabriele Bonci to make a Hawaiian-style pizza that he actually enjoys.

Tony sips an espresso and does some people-watching in a quiet piazza.

Tony gets a Roman haircut.

Tony and Sara stop for a mid-afternoon snack of porchetta -- roasted pork served on a piece of wax paper.

Tony takes a break for a few negronis.

The porchetta.

Tony travels around Rome the way the Italians do -- on a Vespa.

Pizza at Bonci's Pizzarium.

Mo mounts a camera on the hood of Sara’s Fiat 500.

Tony poses in front of the Colosseum.

Some of the food at Sora Lella restaurant.

Tony and Lucio enjoy lamb shish kebabs on the sidewalk.

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