Trip Flip: Cabo San Lucas Pictures

Bert Kreischer gives 2 Cabo San Lucas tourists the chance of a lifetime as they throw out their plans and let him take the lead on a free 3-day dream vacation.
Episode: Cabo San Lucas

Bert takes an iPhone photo with the vacationers on the white, sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The vacationers enjoy a relaxing kayaking adventure.

Bert interviews the vacationers on Lover's Beach.

Bert and Tene make a run for it.

Tene and John pose in front of a baja car before they explore the dunes outside of Cabo San Lucas.

Bert and Tene wrap their heads with scarves to hide from the hot Mexican sun as they ride on a camel through the desert.

Next up, the vacationers enjoy a deep-sea fishing adventure in the cove.

Bert, Tene and John enjoy a food tasting on La Paz Beach.

Tene gives the thumbs up before heading out to the dunes.

Tene contemplates purchasing a dress from one of the locals on the beach.

Tene and John sit in a cafe sipping iced coffee at the end of their vacation.

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