Trip Flip: Maui Pictures

Bert Kreischer gives 2 Maui tourists the chance to throw out their trip plans and let him take them on a free 3-day dream vacation. Their adventure includes paragliding, wine tasting and much more.
Episode: Maui

Bert and the vacationers get a quick surfing lesson before attempting to hit the waves in Maui.

A quick food tasting before heading out to the beach.

Bert's comedic side comes out while enjoying a nice glass of champagne.

The outrigger canoe that the vacationers will be using sits under palm trees on the beach.

The vacationers finally reach the ground after their paragliding adventure.

Bert opens the gate for the goats to run free.

Bert and the vacationers walk through the streets of Maui.

The vacationers enjoy a little alone time with an assortment of wines.

Bert takes the vacationers on one of Hawaii’s fastest sailing catamarans, courtesy of Paragon Sailing Charters.

The vacationers enjoy the sunset on the beach outside of their hotel room.

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