Feed the Beast: Austin Pictures

It's midnight in Austin, TX. Most people are fast asleep by now, but Mikey Roe is a man on a mission to find the city's best late-night food joint.
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Photo By: Getty Images

Mikey Roe in the kitchen at Frank, home to "the ultimate trinity" of booze, bands and artisan sausages.

Mikey talks to customers at Frank, where he's introduced to the Jackalope: custom-made antelope, rabbit and pork sausage, with cranberry compote, sriracha aioli and cheddar cheese.

The food truck Chi'lantro's kimchi tacos are a big hit with Austin’s college scene.

Chi'lantro's kimchi fries are the ultimate in late-night fusion food.

Mikey talks to a customer at Sam's BBQ -- the go-to spot for late-night Texas barbecue.

Mikey films outside of Sam's BBQ. The restaurant offers their succulent ribs and brisket until 3 a.m.

This bridge in Austin is a well-known hangout spot where spectators gather to watch bats.

Mikey talks to a band outside of the 24-hour Magnolia Café, where musicians and roadies eat after their gigs wrap and the last amp is packed ... usually around 3 a.m.

Mikey talks to a band at Magnolia Café, where even the employees are musicians.

Mikey jams out with The G.O.A.T., a regular in Austin’s Dirty Sixth district.

Mikey eats a Cubano at Miguel's Cuban Café food truck.

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