Fast Foods Gone Global: Asia Pictures

Local cultures influence flavors at American fast food chains throughout Asia, with menu items like McDonald's bulgogi burger in Seoul and Baskin Robbins’ kiwi sorbet in Japan.
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Bali's A&W puts a spin on the traditional kung pao chicken rice bowl.

Fresh-baked cream puffs are what makes the Japanese chain Beard Papa's such a big hit.

There are hundreds of homegrown fast food chains on the crowded streets of New Delhi.

Chinese dumplings are perhaps the world's oldest fast food.

The chicken meatball sandwich at Subway in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei's 85 Degrees C Bakery Café serves a vast selection of fresh-baked goodies.

The fried chicken meal at A&W in Bali, Indonesia.

A McDonald's employee makes an offering at a Balinese temple outside the new franchise.

In Old Delhi, traveling by pedicab is the easiest way to get around.

The double-decker pizza at Domino's Taipei has a regular crust topped with another crust made of French pastry.

Subway in Kyoto offers a special mascarpone cheese and prosciutto sandwich.

Locals celebrate during a religious festival in the streets of Old Delhi.

Bubur ayam is porridge topped with shredded chicken and fried onions, and a menu item at McDonald's in Bali, Indonesia.

The world's largest Hindu temple -- the BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham in Delhi, India.

A pastry with a finely-shredded pork topping at Taipei's 85 Degrees C Bakery Cafe.

Employees make sweet pineapple buns at Taipei's most popular coffee and bakery chain, 85 Degrees C Bakery Cafe.

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