Medieval Britain

Great Britain is a storybook land of romantic castles, misty green fields, quaint villages -- and ghosts.

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Great Britain is a storybook land of romantic castles, misty green fields, quaint villages -- and ghosts.

Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle is the finest medieval castle in England. The castle has a creepy past including the legend of Moll Bloxham. She sold bread and ale to the locals, but they soon noticed she was shortchanging her customers. The townspeople chased her to the castle and up Caesar's Tower where she apparently fell out of the tower and changed into a dog. Her body was never found. The sound of loud howls is still heard in the castle.

Of all the stories of bloodshed and foul play, the most notorious unfolded in the Watergate Tower also known as Ghost Tower. In 1628, the Master of the Castle, Sir Faulke Greville, was stabbed by his manservant Ralph Hayward. Hayward found out that Sir Faulke was only leaving him 20 pounds a year as part of his will. Hayward stabbed Sir Faulke and took his own life. Others say Hayward was Sir Faulke's lover who became enraged with jealousy. Today, visitors and staff at Warwick Castle say Sir Faulke's spirit still haunts Ghost Tower.

Dover Castle
For centuries, the imposing cliff-top fortress of Dover Castle was England's first and best line of defense to protect the country from enemies passing through the Channel. Dover Castle has been a prison, a fortress, and a royal palace. Today, the castle is a daunting maze of eerie passageways, where many believe ghosts - that date back from Medieval times right through to World War II - still roam. Visitors have spotted a 'lady in red' and King Charles. They've also heard the voice of 'Sammy,' a Naval officer looking for his lover Helen. No one can say for sure what causes these eerie events, but if buildings can be repositories for strong emotions, then Dover Castle is bursting with stories from the past.

Manor House of Llancaiach Fawr
Many strange things go on behind this manor's thick stone walls; perhaps because of its violent history. Today, costumed guides assume the characters of 17th-century servants to lead visitors back in time, to a typical day in 1645 during the English Civil War. Visitors have seen felt the presence of Maddie, a former housekeeper, in the kitchen.

Visitors have also seen a baby's cradle that rocks on its own volition. Some think that the hand that rocks the cradle belongs to a little boy, who fell to his death from one of the castle's upper windows. Quite a lot of people say they have felt their hair or jackets being pulled. Tourists in the mansion say they have also heard children playing around on the stairs. Maybe that is why Llancaiach Fawr is so haunted - the dead feel right at home.

Caldicot Castle
Caldicot Castle was founded by the Normans and built in the 12th century. Many believe that smells are commonly associated with paranormal activity. Staff members at the castle say they've smelled a foul stench after seeing the apparition of a sinister monk. In the 19th century, a housekeeper said the monk pushed her down the stairs. She saw the bottom half of the monk's cassock and very plain looking sandals.

A lady in a medieval gown, also known as the 'gray lady,' has been sighted on several occasions, walking across the courtyard and disappearing into the fireplace. Apparently there is a connection between the 'gray lady' and the 'sinister monk.' Legend claims that the monk lured the lady to the castle's keep where he kept her locked up. When no one could find her; the king's men tortured and executed the monk after he confessed. The lady was freed, but died soon after - some say of a broken heart.

Pluckley Village
Pluckley is reputed to be the most haunted village in England. The village has witnessed centuries of brutality and despair, stretching back to the middle ages, when the town was the center of a violent peasant uprising. Since that day, the blood-soaked soil has been fertile ground for the supernatural.

St. Nicolas Church

The local church, St. Nicholas, is where dozens of people have reported seeing the 'white lady' or the ghost of young woman who was buried in a long flowing gown. Some believe she is searching for her husband who was completely distraught after she passed away. A 'lady in red' has also been seen wandering among the tombstones, looking for her baby.

Screaming Woods
The name screaming woods comes from the unholy screams you can sometimes hear at night. Locals think the screams are echoes of Medieval brutality. There are stories of people going on walks in the woods with their dogs and their dogs disappear - never to return.

Elvey Farm
Elvey Farm is located outside of Pluckley. The current owners of the farm said they've heard a man's voice saying, "I will." Many say it's the voice of a farmer and former owner who shot himself in the 1920s, declaring, "I will do it." New owners have renovated the farm into a hotel. They have stumbled across some odd occurrences. They have replaced a bulb in a dining room fixture and woke up the next morning to find the same bulb on the floor in tact and not smashed. They put the bulb back in and it was on the floor again the following morning. Another possible poltergeist haunt, was when the owners noticed dishes were missing from their cupboard. The owners found the dishes in a bottom cupboard all stacked neatly inside.

Pluckley Mill
Pluckley Mill has a very old ghost of a miller who hung himself from a beam inside the mill. Tourists who are brave enough to go to the old mill have seen him hanging from one of the beams above. Some say he only appears when something horrible is going to happen in the village.

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