28 Travel Hacks for Summer

Hack your way to the best vacation ever.

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You’ve budgeted, planned and looked forward to your summer travel plans all year long, and now it’s time to enjoy it. Don’t let a bad sunburn, a poorly packed bag or a lost key ruin the trip you’ve worked so hard for. Read about some of our favorite travel tips and then click through the galleries to see all 28 hacks.


Photo by: Michael Dunning

Michael Dunning

Cruise Hacks

From family trips to romantic honeymoons, there’s a cruise line or ship for every type of trip you could imagine, but some travelers are hesitant to jump on the cruise train – or “ship” I should say. Common concerns for first-timers are the possibility of seasickness, added costs of alcohol packages and limited Internet access. Use these tips for a carefree cruise.

Although seasickness is very unlikely on a large cruise ship, it's better to be safe than sorry. Fend off nausea with ginger. Bring your own ginger or nausea medicine like Dramamine if you think you might need something stronger. If you wait to buy it at the infirmary on the cruise, you'll pay a steep price.

BYOW (bring your own wine). Several cruise lines will let you bring a bottle or two, but check their policies beforehand. Bringing your own wine is a great option if you only plan on drinking a few glasses and know that you wouldn't get your money's worth with the available alcohol packages.

Be realistic about how much you plan on using the Internet. You may think you'll want to disconnect completely, but let's be honest, you'll probably want to share pictures of your fabulous vacation on social media. Look into what Internet packages the cruise line offers prior to arriving to avoid overspending.

Beach Hacks

Nothing ruins a beach trip like a blistering sunburn. If you forget to bring aloe, see if the coffee bar in your hotel room has Earl Grey tea, which is a great substitute for treating a bad burn.

Spilled baby scented powder on striped background


Spilled baby scented powder on striped background

Photo by: Graça Victoria

Graça Victoria

Love digging your toes in the sand but hate when your car becomes a sandbox as a result? Bring baby powder in your beach bag. The powder draws out moisture, so lightly dusting it on the sandy area of your body will make it brush off super easily.

If you’re popping bottles on vacation, save the corks! Instead of bringing a key chain with all of your keys to the beach, only bring your car key and/or a key to the place you’re staying. Screw an eye hook into the cork and attach the essential key. You’re less likely to lose it, and if it you accidentally take it into the ocean with you, the cork with serve as a buoy.

Theme Park Hacks

I love a good roller coaster, but I often find the thrill is short lived and outweighed by large crowds, long lines, sweltering heat and overpriced food. Combating these cons with a few hacks can make a theme park visit much more enjoyable, and you'll go home remembering the adrenaline-pumping moments instead of the time spent in long lines.

Don't let rain ruin your visit. Bring plastic ponchos in case of summer showers. Use the time to get a snack, shop for souvenirs or visit indoor attractions until the sun returns.

Follow theme park accounts on social media and sign up for their newsletters to be the first to know about promotions to get the best deal on tickets.

If the park has an app, download it. Apps like My Disney Experience have interactive maps, wait times and a bathroom locator.

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