No Reservations: Brooklyn Journal

See Anthony Bourdain's photo picks from his final No Reservations trip, which takes him to Brooklyn.
Episode: Brooklyn
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"Blanca – post-scene with Brandon Hoy and Chef Mirachi." -- Tony Bourdain

"With fishermen Frankie, Tony and Captain Vinnie, who appears to be wondering who I am." -- Tony Bourdain

"Ralphie Balzano taking me for a ride in the Buick. We could be brothers." -- Tony Bourdain

"Yes, in my head I'm pretending I'm in The Wire right now." -- Tony Bourdain

"With 'Omar Little' and 'Marlo Stanfield' at Gloria's -- they look cool. I look like an excited child." -- Tony Bourdain

"Tragically, I'd never been on the Cyclone at Coney Island before this show." -- Tony Bourdain

"Here, I'm refusing to get off the Cyclone because I'm having so much fun." -- Tony Bourdain

"Cameraman Jeremy Leach is struck dumb by the beauty of Brooklyn Fare's chef's table." -- Tony Bourdain

"And that, ladies and gents, is a wrap!" -- Tony Bourdain

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