No Reservations: Burgundy Journal

See Tony's favorite moments and read his thoughts from No Reservations in Burgundy, France.
Episode: Burgundy

"With chef Ludo Lefebvre and Auxerre butcher Monsieur Picard." -- Tony Bourdain

"My replacement auditioning for the camera." -- Tony Bourdain

"Getting all Doctor Doolittle with a Burgundian lamb." -- Tony Bourdain

"Monsieur Picard's innovative parsley holders in Auxerre." -- Tony Bourdain

"Ludo Lefebvre's grandmother doesn't take kindly to Todd stealing the local Epoisses." -- Tony Bourdain

"A local dog showing me around Noyers Sur Serein in Burgundy." -- Tony Bourdain

"CHEESE!" -- Tony Bourdain

"Playing boules with new friend Marco in the village of Noyers Sur Serein." -- Tony Bourdain

"I love Burgundy … steak tartare with a raw egg, say no more." -- Tony Bourdain

"Ludo Lefebvre got back to his roots while we were in Burgundy." -- Tony Bourdain

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