No Reservations: Japan Cook It Raw Journal

See Tony's favorite photos from No Reservations' Japan Cook It Raw.
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"Crew shot at ryokan (with Rene and Sean)." – Tony Bourdain

"Chicken nuggets with Dave Chang. He's a hopeless Lawson's addict. And now, regrettably, so are we all." – Tony Bourdain

"The Happy Place -- where everything is wonderful and nothing ever hurts: Lawson's convenience stores." – Tony Bourdain

"Rare shot of a happy Dave Chang." – Tony Bourdain

"Veteran producer Sally Freeman in a typical work pose. First step is 'admit you have a problem.'" - Tony Bourdain

"With Sean Brock on fishing trawler." - Tony Bourdain

"Rene Redzepi." - Tony Bourdain

"The menu of Cook It Raw, Ishikawa." - Tony Bourdain

"Sushi with Magnus Nilsson, Adam Sachs, Rene Redzepi, Alex Atala and Dave Chang." - Tony Bourdain

"The chefs." - Tony Bourdain

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