No Reservations: Mozambique Pictures

Abandoned ships, outstanding Peri Peri chicken, seafood and more, make Tony Bourdain's trip to Mozambique a memorable one.
Episode: Mozambique

A common scene at the northern Maputo beach, where locals come to relax after work and school.

Women from the village of Bualhè prepare to serve plates of goat stew.

Tony speaks to the Bualhè villagers by way of his translator Carlos.

Tofo dancers perform for Tony and others in Reed Town, Mozambique Island.

Cameraman Zach Zamboni films kids playing soccer in rural Mozambique.

Tony enjoys a plate of grilled chicken with the popular Peri Peri sauce. Tony had lunch at this local beachside stand in Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique after Maputo.

Tiger prawns chill under a layer of ice at the Mercado do Peixe in Maputo.

Zera Mohmed, a popular chef on Mozambique Island, tends to the giant crayfish she prepares for Tony and others.

Tony and local celebrity Milton eat prawns and clams at Esplanada Belinha in the Mercado do Peixe in Maputo.

Cameraman Zach Zamboni draws a crowd while filming in Stone Town, Mozambique Island.

Tony checks out his surroundings while visiting Shipwreck Beach in Beira.

A young man poses for the camera, while sitting on a beached boat on Mozambique Island.

Tony walks past a relic on Shipwreck Beach in Beira.

Tony Bourdain watches the sunset from the old Portuguese fort on Mozambique Island.

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