No Reservations: Rio Pictures

Anthony Bourdain distracts himself with the food and culture of Rio while anxiously awaiting his wife’s Jiu Jitsu match.
Episode: Rio
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Tony walks with Rocinha local, Paulo Amendoim.

Tony and local chef/restaurant owner Danni Camillo enjoy fried sardines and seafood soup at Bar Urca in Rio de Janeiro.

Zach Zamboni films outside of Bar Urca.

Zach Zamboni and Todd Liebler pull up a chair while filming Tony at Ipanema Beach.

Tony takes in Ipanema Beach.

Rocinha, the largest favela (shanty town) in Rio, is home to thousands of impoverished people.

Tony watches as some children from Rocinha fly kites on Paulo Amendoim's rooftop.

Tony learns that conditions in the favela of Rocinha are improving -- electricity and water have been installed where there had been none, and a constant police presence has helped keep the drug lords out of power.

Tony and his wife, Ottavia, have lunch at the CADEG Market.

Tony with Dolores, a Rio native, at Mirante da Prainha.

Tony talks with his wife, Ottavia, before her Jiu Jitsu fight.

Tony talks with Igor Gracie and Bruno Neves. The Gracie family is responsible for the Instituto Kapacidade, a school that teaches kids from the favela the basics of Jiu Jitsu.

Tony sits down to a dinner of Feijoada – a traditional bean stew with beef and pork -- with his wife and Valquiria (right) at the home of Igor Gracie’s mother.

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