No Reservations: Spring 2012 Sneak Peek

Tony Bourdain returns April 9, 2012, for all-new episodes of No Reservations. Kansas City, MO, Japan and Croatia are on the menu. Catch a glimpse of the new season with our sneak peek pictures.
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Anthony Bourdain arrives in Shibuya, Tokyo, for Cook it Raw.

Anthony Bourdain reaches for a jar of Peri Peri to add to his grilled chicken at the beachside stand Copa Cabana in Beira, Mozambique.

Cameraman Zach Zamboni films kids playing soccer in rural Mozambique.

Anthony Bourdain stands beside the Olympic-sized swimming pool at the Grand Hotel in Beira, once a luxury hotel for jet-setters during the 1950s and '60s.

Anthony Bourdain chats with a friend in Motovun, Croatia.

Close-up shot of bonito at the seafood restaurant, Konoba Batelina, in Croatia.

Anthony Bourdain visits the fish market in Zadar, Croatia.

Anthony Bourdain takes a break while cruising through the Adriatic.

Cameramen Todd and Dan go in for beauty shots of the savory mussels.

Anthony Bourdain joins several chefs at Hosho restaurant the night before the annual Cook it Raw event starts.

Anthony Bourdain watches the sunset from the old Portuguese fort on Mozambique Island.

Anthony Bourdain helps to prep a staff meal at the Cook it Raw event in Japan.

Yakitori aftermath at Ton Ton in Japan.

Anthony Bourdain and Ivan Orkin eat eel at Hosokaya in Japan.

Anthony Bourdain and his sidekick Zamir enjoy a family-style dinner at Green Dirt Farm in Kansas City, MO.

A close-up camera shot of Anthony Bourdain and Zamir taking a stroll in Kansas City, MO.

Anthony Bourdain has a good laugh with his friend Zamir.

Anthony Bourdain and Zamir kid around.

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