Booze Traveler: New Orleans Pictures

Jack heads to New Orleans to dig into voodoo traditions, hunt for the almost-extinct Ojen and discovers Perique, a liqueur made with a rare tobacco
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Getting Ready for NOLA

Dr. Mignonne Mary gives Jack a little medical booster to assist in his adventures in New Orleans.

Toast to New Orleans

Jack and Elizabeth Pearce, a cocktail historian, toast with a Sazerac and a Ramos Gin Fizz.

Drinking at The John

Jack poses with a drink at the John, a local hangout that uses toilet seats as bar stools.

Playing in the Band

Musicians Derrick Moss, Paul Robertson and Julian Gosin of the Soul Rebels play a song for Jack.

Carousel Bar

Jack enjoys a Vieux Carre at the Carousel Bar inside the Hotel Monteleone, the city’s only revolving bar.

Drinking Like a Patriot

In character as a patriot from Colonial times, Jack takes a sip from a flask.

Krewe of Boo

Jack poses on top of a float at Krewe of Boo, New Orleans’ official Halloween parade.

Smelling Tobacco

Jack takes a whiff of some of the ingredients that go into making Perique, a liqueur made from fermented perique tobacco.

Enjoying a Glass of Perique

Jack poses with a glass of Perique, a drink infused with tobacco. It’s still waiting for approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Voodoo Ceremony

Jack participates in a Voodoo ceremony run by the second-most-powerful living priestess, Sallie Glassman.

Toast of the Town

Jack toasts the crowd as he sips on some Ojen on his balcony overlooking New Orleans.

I Love My Ojen!

Jack poses with the bottle of Ojen, a rare, anise-flavored Spanish liqueur that is almost completely extinct.

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