Burger Land: Old Miss Burger Pictures

George travels to northern Mississippi for 3 burgers that exemplify the resourcefulness of the state’s people, and one burger tied to Mississippi’s love of the blues.
Show: Burger Land
Episode: Old Miss Burgers
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George near the train tracks in Holly Springs, MS. The Mississippi Central Railroad, which was the backbone of the northern Mississippi area back when it was a major supply line, is still used today.

George dives in at Bill's Hamburgers in Amory, MS. Bill’s Hamburgers has been around since the Great Depression and serves the same kind of burgers that Mississippians were eating back then.

Current owners of Bill’s Hamburgers, Reid and Janice Wilkerson, won’t tell you what’s added into the beef, but whatever it is it certainly doesn’t take away from the delicious meaty flavor that’s only complimented by the signature toppings of mustard and onions.

George outside Bill's Hamburgers in Amory, MS.

George talks to Amos Harvey, manager at Lamar Lounge in Oxford, MS. Lamar Lounge has deep ties to Mississippi’s music scene -- the bar was even once owned by pop legend Eddie Fisher.

At Lamar Lounge, the burger is only seasoned with salt and pepper, and the thick sear on both sides of the patty seals in the juices. It’s a hearty burger to have while listening to some great local blues acts.

The owner of Lamar is also part owner of a record label called Fat Possum, and when you walk in the door at Lamar Lounge, you are immediately treated to some great local music.

George talks to musician, Jake Fussell, at the bar at Lamar Lounge.

Latham’s Hamburger Inn, in New Albany, MS, serves a signature deep-fried “dough burger.” The dough burger got its name because during the Great Depression and World War II, resourceful people would add extra ingredients to their meat rations as a way of stretching the beef.

George and local burger expert John T. Edge eat cheeseburgers at Latham's Hamburger Inn.

Latham’s burger is the only burger George has in Mississippi that is deep fried, but the doughy consistency locks in the meaty flavor, and the fried crunch makes the burger taste like a beef fritter.

Phillips Grocery in Holly Springs, MS, is a former grocery store that is now a burger joint, and it’s located just a few feet from the Mississippi Central Railroad.

George’s favorite burger at Phillips Grocery is the double with cheese, and the tangy combination of mustard, pickles and onions only enhances the fantastic flavor of the beef.

The people of Holly Springs can bask in the nostalgic decorations at Phillips while hearing the all-too-familiar train whistle in the background and enjoying a juicy double cheeseburger.

George talks to the owner of Phillips Grocery, Larry Davis, who has been using the same burger recipe for years. He purchased the secret recipe along with the restaurant back in 1989.

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