Dangerous Grounds: Borneo Pictures

Braving lush terrain, snakes and parasites, Todd crosses ancient bamboo bridges, eats slimy grub and sleeps in the wild – all in the hope of bringing the rare Liberica coffee bean back home.
Episode: Borneo

Todd at a large open-air market in the busy town of Serian, known for having the best durian fruit.

Todd takes a nap while floating on the Lemanak River.

Todd washes down fried chicken liver with a fruity tapioca tea.

Todd and his boat crew take a lunch break on the banks of the Lemanak.

After his search for Liberica leaves Todd empty-handed, he takes a moment at the Bidayuh village in Sarawak to contemplate his next move.

Todd disregards the potential parasites in the Lemanak River and takes a dip to escape the stifling heat.

An Iban woman prepares a meal of fish and rice along the Lemanak River.

Todd’s dinner at the large market in Kuching includes bamboo clams, filet of red snapper, fish head curry, beef satay and stir-fried noodles.

Todd realizes that the Liberica he's been looking for is over 25 feet tall.

Todd and the Iban chief meet along the Lemanak River.

Todd shares a meal of noodles, snake, turtle meat and steamed vegetables with the Iban chief and his son-in-law.

Todd ponders eating from a bin of live sago worms, a species of grub that are considered a Malaysian delicacy.

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