Dangerous Grounds: Guns and Lions Pictures

Go behind the scenes as Todd Carmichael heads to the Serengeti to find a mythical Tanzanian AAA coffee. But when Todd comes face-to-face with lions and poachers, he must arm himself to get out alive.
Episode: Guns and Lions

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Photo By: Yog Sothoth

Todd Carmichael and Hollywood drive their jeep through the Serengeti while an elephant and her kin keep a cautious eye out.

Todd talks coffee with Four Seasons Philadelphia’s new food and beverage director. But before renewing Todd’s contract, the youthful new manager asks Todd to find a mythical bean only bloggers and dreamers talk about.

This herd of African buffalo doesn’t seem to like Hollywood's camera lens.

Todd stands in the middle of the vast Serengeti to get a feel for which direction he should head next.

Todd's cameraman, Hollywood, gets a rare break from the action to shoot a scenic shot of the beautiful Tanzanian savanna.

Todd and his Tanzania contact, Peter, take a break from the heat with a cold drink.

Todd boards a plane to South Tanzania to continue his search for a AAA coffee bean. A coffee bean with a AAA rating is as large as a coffee bean can get -- making it a very rare find.

A view of the Serengeti from the plane. Extending from northern Tanzania into Kenya, the Serengeti is known for its large lion population.

After many miles of driving, Todd stops at a gas station to refuel his Land Rover.

Todd explains to Hollywood the importance -- and near impossibility -- of finding a AAA coffee in Tanzania.

The coffee is sorted on a scale by grade depending on the size of the beans.

Hollywood shoots the coffee plant's giant mountains of coffee, but it’s not even close to enough of the rare coffee that Todd needs.

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