Food Paradise International Pictures

We've combed the world for the tastiest dishes in both legendary and undiscovered hot spots. Check out these must-see pictures that are sure to have your taste buds bursting for more.
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Pork Paradise: La Glorieta de Quique

Choripan at La Glorieta de Quique in Buenos Aires.

Pork Paradise: Leoni Randolfo

A fully cooked pig sits on a skewer at Leoni Randolfo, a local butcher shop in Ariccia, Italy.

Pork Paradise: Butalian Restaurant

A pork dish known as butadon, displayed with a salad, at Butalian Restaurant in Tokyo.

Pork Paradise: El Asador de Aranda

A chef preps the cochinillo asado, or "suckling pig," at El Asador de Aranda in Barcelona.

Steak Paradise: Meatpacking Bistro

The popular steak tartare on display at Meatpacking Bistro in Barcelona.

Steak Paradise: Victor Churchill

Several cuts of meat are displayed in a showcase at Victor Churchill in Woollahra, Australia.

Steak Paradise: Victor Churchill

A butcher prepares ribs at Victor Churchill in Australia.

Deep Fried Paradise: Hartsyard

Fried oysters and white wine at Hartsyard in Newtown, Australia.

Deep Fried Paradise: Cañete

Deep-fried potato chips at Cañete in Barcelona.

Deep Fried Paradise: Manolo

A customer puts salt on his deep-fried beef milanesa at Manolo in Buenos Aires.

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