Food Paradise: Sandwich Paradise 3 Pictures

We're giving you Heaven’s best between 2 slices of bread. Prepare yourself for the pork-trifecta, Hogzilla, from North Carolina; the cheesy beefy monster, Big Fat Fatty, from Los Angeles and more!
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Your eyes don't deceive you. The Big Fat Fatty Challenge sandwich from Fat Sal's restaurant in Los Angeles is a 27-inch sandwich challenge. The Big Fat Fatty is only available to order for the challenge and if eaten in 40 minutes the sandwich is free and the winner can create and name their own Fat Sal's sandwich. The Big Fat Fatty is a 27-inch garlic hero roll loaded with cheesesteak bits of cheeseburger pastrami chicken fingers crisp bacon mozzarella sticks fried eggs jalapeno poppers french fries onion rings chili marinara and "fat sauce."

If you're not participating in the challenge and want an individual-sized sandwich, we recommend The Fat Sal sandwich served with roast beef, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fries, brown gravy and mayo on a garlic hero roll.

12 Bones in Asheville, NC prides itself on making everything from scratch from old family recipes and new creations by its owners Bryan and Angela. Featured here is the Hogzilla sandwich stuffed with sugar bacon homemade bratwurst pulled pork and pepper jack cheese on a hoagie roll.

Known around Oakland CA as a "one-of-a-kind" fried chicken sandwich Bakesale Betty's started selling the sandwich at Oakland's farmer market in 2000.

Each year tourists visit Louisville KY for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Since 2012 The Derby Café has been feeding tourists the Hot Brown. Easily the most popular sandwich in Kentucky the Hot Brown consists of sliced turkey toasted bread and a blend of Bechemel and Mornay sauces topped with bacon and fresh sliced tomatoes and garnished with parmesan cheese and bourbon-smoked paprika.

A deliciously juicy and cheesy shot of The Philly Joe at Hank's Philly Steaks in Las Vegas. Not straying too far from tradition The Philly Joe is made with steak onions white American cheese and cheese wiz on a hoagie bun.

A traditional dish with a twist -- Sean's Meatloaf Club sandwich is made with chipotle meatloaf on country white toast with applewood smoked bacon romaine lettuce tomatoes and a chipotle aioli. Visit Parish Café to enjoy this sandwich by Boston's top chef Sean Simmons.

A Mexican spin on another classic from Parish Café -- the Mexican Meatball sandwich is served with cilantro-infused Mexican meatballs on a toasted baguette with a chipotle and jalapeno au jus, pepper jack cheese, red onions, romaine lettuce and tomatoes.

Oyster fans won't be able to resist this one! Next time you're in New Orleans head over to Ye Olde College Inn for their fried oyster sandwich and fried oyster po'boy cut in half with oysters on top.

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