Food Paradise: Another Rack of BBQ

America's best BBQ dishes are featured in this episode of Food Paradise, including slow-smoked brisket in Texas, sauce-dripping ribs in Kansas City and mouth-watering pulled pork in North Carolina.
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While BBQ restaurant owner Aaron Franklin slow-smokes his brisket for 16 hours, barbecue master John Mueller finishes cooking his in half the time.

Among those who’ve experienced the world-famous Gates Bar-B-Q in Kansas City, MO, are Presidents Clinton and Bush, actor Denzel Washington and First Lady Michelle Obama. But no matter who walks through the door, the BBQ is always the same.

People don't go to Skylight Inn in Ayden, NC, for the atmosphere. The only ambiance you're gonna get here is 2 meat cleavers pounding on a wood board, chopping up a whole hog. Yep, it's all about the BBQ here.

Because a brisket is like 2 cuts of steaks in one, cooking it requires exact temperature control -- and a keen sense of timing.

Even though Aaron Franklin is now a superstar in the barbecue world, he still works the counter every day at Franklin Barbecue, making sure his Austin, TX, customers get nothing but the best BBQ they’ve ever had.

Barbecue lovers do not live by ribs alone. At the Germantown Commissary in the Memphis area, they constantly find new ways to create their smoky magic.

Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn has been making mutton for the masses in Owensboro, KY, since Catherine and Pappy Bosley grew it from a small 30-seat joint in 1963 to the 350-seat restaurant (and more) that it is today.

To most of the country barbecue means pork, but Texas is beef territory. Central Texas is known as the Brisket Belt -- and Austin is its buckle.

This year, Natural Born Grillers is back to compete at Memphis in May, with only one mission in mind: Win it all again, this time by cooking ribs.

Germantown Commissary has won multiple awards for creating slow-smoked perfection. Naturally, the home-style restaurant is most famous for its ribs.

Serving top-quality brisket is expensive, but Franklin Barbecue in East Austin matches other area restaurants' prices even though it has top-quality meat.

Its signature BBQ sauce has helped make Gates Bar-B-Q an institution in Kansas City, MO, for more than 60 years -- and they’ve been keeping their special sauce recipe under wraps for just as long.

Whether you’re craving just a crunch or are ready to go whole hog, there’s only one place to stack your plate: Sweatman’s BBQ in Holly Hill, SC.

Fifteen miles east of Graceland in the Memphis suburb of Germantown, the famous pork ribs of the Germantown Commissary have left more than one customer feeling “all shook up.”

Kansas City, MO, is known for a thick tomato- and molasses-based sauce that is the cornerstone of some of the most sensational barbecue in the world.

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