10 Things We Learned From the Ghost Adventures Comic Con Panel

They're going to open the dybbuk box?!

October 08, 2018

It’s been 10 years since Ghost Adventures first arrived on Travel Channel! More than 200 episodes, thousands of miles traveled, countless souls contacted — and, according to Zak Bagans, we’re “just getting started.”

In honor of a decade of shows, Zak, Jay Wasley, Billy Tolley, Aaron Goodwin with special guest Dakota Laden hosted a panel at New York Comic Con with People Magazine’s Julie Jordan as moderator (a.k.a. the unofficial fifth member of the crew) on Oct. 6. Here are 10 things we learned from the panel, which you can also watch below.

Zak, Aaron, Billy, and Jay encounter one of their most powerful investigations in GAC history here at the North Head Lighthouse in Oregon. This lighthouse is like a beacon of souls in the Graveyard of Death.

The Guys Consider Each Other Family

Cue the collective “aww." There’s something about a shared scare that really brings people together, right?

“These are my brothers,” Zak said. “We go through experiences that are traumatic; we have to be there for one another. We have to console each other.”

There’s No Script When They Get to a Location

The crew arrives at each location with no script or outline. It’s first-person interviews, followed by uncovering the history of the site that guides the investigation that follows. And the thrill of the hunt hasn’t dissipated with time.

“Every single episode is a new adventure, a new thrill. It truly is an addiction,” Zak said.

Aaron is Very Excited to Film

Aaron sends Zak this text before every investigation: “I CAN’T WAIT TO FILM!” (This solidifies Aaron as the most enthusiastic team member – and we couldn’t love him more.)

Zak sets up a shot in the rain outside the North Head Lighthouse. With the dark history attached to this place, and the surrounding pacific, this will undoubtedly be one of the most dangerous GAC investigations ever.

Ghost Hunting Tools Starts with Your Body

Sure, devices like the spirit box – Zak’s personal favorite – add significantly to each case, helping to provide more concrete evidence of the paranormal.

But Jay notes that even your own body can be a tool during an investigation, and it’s important to learn how your body reacts when you’re around a ghostly presence. “I love when you can feel it, then you validate it with a piece of equipment. It’s the best," Jay says.

The Haunted Museum Still Has Secrets to Reveal

The upcoming Ghost Adventures Live won’t be the first time the crew has investigated Zak’s Haunted Museum. However, based on Zak’s latest experience with Post Malone and the dybbuk box, the museum definitely has more to offer when it comes to spooks.

The pair were goofing off in the same room as the dybbuk box, Zak recalled, and it quickly became apparent they weren’t alone when they heard the voice of a little girl. They hightailed it out of the room, only to return a short while later. During the second visit, Zak put his hand on the box and Post held on to Zak’s shoulder. Zak confessed he began “shaking”, “crying” and “screaming”, becoming increasingly affected by the box. After they left the room, Post saw a dark shadow figure outside. The next day, Post sent Zak a photo of a huge bruise on his arm. (Who else needs to see this photo?!)

Expect the dybbuk box to be opened (!!!) during the Halloween special. There will also be special guests, intense experiments and more — all in all, an unforgettable evening with the paranormal.

The Best Evidence is Yet to Come

Moderator Julie Jordan recently tagged along on an investigation and according to Zak, they captured the “most unnerving, terrifying piece of audio” ever at this location. (*Screams*)

Zak and the GAC stand in front of the Commander's Quarters right next to the iconic Fort Stevens Military Base. A dark entity has attacked housekeepers inside this building, pushing one woman down two flights of stairs. We’re going to try and make contact and find out what has made these spirits so angry.

Doing Your Own Investigations Requires Serious Ground Work

When asked what advice they’d give to aspiring paranormal investigators, the guys stressed the importance of understanding a location's history before starting an investigation. Also, don’t experiment with places that have known attachments – it’s not worth it.

“Understand those risks...if you want to open up that can of worms,” cautioned Zak.

There’s So Much Footage We Don’t See

According to Billy, there are more than 40 hours of footage that doesn’t make it to the show, meaning we see the condensed version of the lockdowns. If you’re a beginner expecting results quickly, know that to be successful, you have to be very patient. Don’t expect an episodes' worth of evidence on your first try.

“It’s a waiting game,” echoed Jay.

Zak is Fascinated by Shipwrecks and Other Nautical Novelties

The “Graveyard of the Pacific” miniseries focuses on the perilous nautical region in the PNW that claimed the lives of thousands and destroyed countless ships. And the town of Astoria – where The Goonies was filmed – has plenty of secrets to be uncovered. The underground tunnels beneath the town are particularly exciting for Zak and the team; it’s like their own Goonies-style adventure.

(Side note: They had no idea they’d be investigating the local butcher shop until they arrived for filming. But that basement is one we’ll all never forget.)

The GAC begin their setup inside the Norblad Hostel in Astoria, OR. In the basement, something dark has attacked people and even frightened the owner, a prominent real estate developer who is used to walking around old, decrepit buildings.

Aaron Gets Left Alone Out of Love

When asked why he makes Aaron go off on his own during investigations, Zak replied, “because I love him. It’s the way we show our love.”

Don’t miss the Ghost Adventures miniseries, “Graveyard of the Pacific,” Saturdays at 9|8c.

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