Ghost Adventures: Golden Ghost Town

The crew travels to a sinister ghost town near Wolf Creek, Ore. During the investigation, Zak is overtaken by an aggressive entity, Aaron is incapacitated by a dark force, eerie figures appear and a voice warns of a demonic presence.

Ghost Adventures Crew

It’s been a long summer without new episodes of Ghost Adventures, but we’re kicking off season 14 with a real doozy. Ready to step inside a real ghost town?

Golden, Ore.

Founded in 1890 and abandoned only 30 years later, Golden, Ore. was a mining town that’s since fallen into ruin.

Golden Community Church

The Golden Community Church was established by Rev. William Ruble. A man who owned the town, the mine and was the minister at the church. His word was law. Inside this building, people have been attacked and even possessed. It’s believed the church is the central hub for all negative paranormal activity.

Step Inside

The inside of the Golden Community Church. It's here that several people, including a bishop, have been physically attacked and even possessed.

Mysterious Little Town

Countless horrifying events have taken place in the surrounding area, kicking the spookiness level up several notches…

The General Store

The former general store located on the grounds. Stick dolls have been found hanging from the ceiling, which are believed to have been created by witches for occult rituals.

Antiques and Antics

Antique tools and equipment can be found all over the ghost town grounds, which could potentially be used as trigger objects for the former owner, Rev. William Ruble.

Truly Abandoned?

Vandals have made their presence known on the property—but you’d think the haunting activity would be enough to scare them away?

The Schoolhouse

The tales visitors have to tell will shake you to your core. But the town isn’t the only mysterious destination in the area…

The Oregon Vortex

The guys make a stop at the Oregon Vortex, which is a spherical field of force, half above the ground and half below the ground. Nowhere in the circle can you stand up straight; the visitor assumes a posture that inclines toward magnetic north. Zak believes the ley lines of the vortex could be contributing to the increased paranormal activity in the ghost town nearby.

Can't Stand Still

Elena Cooper, manager of the Oregon Vortex, shows Aaron how exactly it works.

The Investigation

Prepare for a real-life upside down during this week’s investigation. Saturday, 9|8c!

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