Ghost Adventures: Old Gila County Jail and Courthouse

Zak and the crew head to Globe, Arizona, to investigate a jail and courthouse riddled with violence and mystery. The chilling lockdown reveals a trail of darkness that lingers in every inch of the strange buildings.

Gila County Jail and Courthouse

Ready for a REAL lockdown? The Ghost Adventures crew is locking the door and throwing away the key (temporarily) at the Gila County Jail and Courthouse in Globe, Arizona. Ozzy Mora, a local reporter, reached out to the guys after she was attacked while working on a story at the jail. The experience traumatized her…

Ozzy Mora

Ozzy experienced signs of paranormal activity in the jail when she was working on a feature last October. Not only did she hear mysterious voices, but her cameras started shaking by themselves and one had all its footage wiped. She returned to the jail in late November and was so overwhelmed she passed out.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The Ghost Adventures crew is ready to put these spirits on trial. But who's really doing the judging?

Spooky Past

These buildings — founded more than a 100 years ago — have it all: murder, suicide… hauntings.

Inside the Courthouse

The courthouse looks grand compared to its rundown neighbor, the Gila County Jail. The handrails are coated in copper; Globe is known for its copper mines. Some say it feels like the town is sitting on a giant battery.

Bridge of Sighs

This is what a just-convicted prisoner would see as he made his way across the Bridge of Sighs, from the courthouse to the jail.

The Jail

A vision of a little girl in a white dress is said to linger throughout the halls of the jail. Is this the spirit of a young girl, or a darker, more dangerous entity taking on an innocent form?

Kingsley Olds' Cell

The cell of one of the jail’s most notorious inmates is recreated here. Kingsley Olds was convicted of killing Lula and Myrtle Gosswick in the local river. Near the end of his life, he claimed the girls’ spirits were visiting him in his cell. He was killed by an unknown gunman who snuck into the courthouse and shot into his cell. Does his own spirit remain?

The Tank

The "tank" was a concrete and steel room designed with seven cells measuring 8 feet x 6 feet, which housed four inmates each. Imagine spending the rest of your life within these thick walls...

All-New Investigation

This jailhouse investigation is unlike any we've ever covered before. Prepare for chills this Saturday at 9|8c.

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