Ghost Adventures: Apache Junction Pictures

Ghost Adventures spends the night in the ghost town of Goldfield in Apache Junction, AZ, to investigate paranormal activity surrounding the Superstition Mountains and untold stories of miners and cowboys who were killed.
Episode: Apache Junction
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Superstition Mountain

Zak Bagans stands in front of Superstition Mountain, rightfully named so because the Pima Indians feared it. 


Zak, Aaron Goodwin and Bob Schoose pose for a picture in an ATV. Bob, who unearthed a skeleton, is the unofficial mayor of Goldfield, which draws tourists from around the country each year to watch Wild West re-enactments such as the Goldfield Gunfighters.

Welcome to Goldfield

Zak, Aaron and Jay Wasley channel their inner cowboy upon arriving in Goldfield.

All aboard!

Zak checks out the inside of The Superstition Scenic Narrow Gauge Railroad train wagon.

My Paranormal Experience

Brittany told her paranormal story of communicating with the spirit of her friend, Karin, and seeing the ghost of a man in one of the chairs.

Superstition, Here We Come

Zak and Aaron ride the ATV to Superstition Mountain.

Sunset in Goldfield

Zak and Aaron during sunset at Superstition Mountain.

Goldfield Ghost Town’s mine

In the late 1800s, miners flocked to Goldfield because of rumors that there was ore and gold to be found.

Into the Mine

Entrance to the Goldfield mine.

Goldfield’s Brothel

A bedroom inside the Goldfield brothel, where paranormal activity has been reported.

Goldfield Museum

One of the skulls found in Goldfield. See them up-close and personal at the Goldfield Ghost Town’s museum.

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