Mizpah Hotel

The Ghost Adventures guys have waited a long time to get locked down inside the Mizpah Hotel and it was worth it.
Episode: Mizpah Hotel
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Photo By: Thomas U. Knapp

Photo By: Thomas U. Knapp

Photo By: Thomas U. Knapp

Zak, Nick and Aaron started their "ghost adventures" careers by driving right through this town.

Story has it 2 miners stole gold. Their bodies were found dead underneath the steel-lined money vault with no money.

The Mizpah Hotel built in 1908, is a storied hotel and casino during the Nevada Gold Rush.

Zak fools around for the camera.

However, the search for gold transformed the hotel into a place of corruption and disaster.

Zak runs out of a mining tunnel fearing it may collapse.

The Club House saloon, Tonopah Liquor Co. and The Hock Shop in town.

Zak interviews a man and woman inside of a coffee bar.

Before getting locked down, the guys take a stool down memory lane to the Castle house, the site of their first investigation.

One of Mizpah's mysteries is the infamous "Lady in Red," who was stabbed to death in the hotel. Years later, a stain spontaneously appeared in the hallway where she was found dead many years before.

Senator Key Pittman's demise in the hotel. It is said that he was found dead in a tub full of ice at Mizpah Hotel.

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