Secret Eats: Philadelphia Pictures

Check out the off-the-menu secrets Adam Richman found in Philadelphia.
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Albondigas Sandwich

Adam and chef Dionicio Jimenez with the Albondigas sandwich at the Ranstead Room in Philadelphia.

Ranstead Room

Behind this unmarked door is a secret speakeasy called the Ranstead Room.


PYT stands for “pick your topping,” and that’s exactly what you can do at this Philadelphia burger joint, which offers some of the more outrageous burger combinations, such as chocolate-covered bacon and lobster. 

Chicken and Beer Burger

The off-menu fried chicken and beer burger at PYT.

National Mechanics

It may look like a museum or federal building, but step inside this Romanesque exterior to find the restaurant National Mechanics.

Ultimate Chili Pie

The off-menu Ultimate Chili Pie at National Mechanics.

Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts dishes out amazing doughnut flavors such as chocolate peanut butter and lemon ricotta.

Dill-Pickle-Glazed Chicken

The off-menu dill-pickle-glazed fried chicken at Federal Donuts.

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