The Dead Files: Forever Scarred Pictures

Amy confronts several ominous entities, including a dead woman plotting to poison anyone who lives there, while Steve finds evidence that the property was once adjacent to an insane asylum.
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Amy and Steve investigate a Chicago home where a young mother seems to be suffering from horrifying recurring nightmares.

Steve pauses for a moment to process all the facts he's discovered about his clients' property.

The sketch artist listens intently to the description of the entity that Amy wants to capture in the sketch.

Steve interviews Father Bob about an exorcism he performed on Mark's house several years before.

Steve looks at a photo of a farm from the late 1800s that was adjacent to his clients' property.

Matt removes a piece of art from the client's home in Chicago before Amy's walk.

In Cristina's bedroom, Amy comes across the entity of a woman who does things so other people will notice her.

Amy pauses at the top of the stairs to digest all that she is experiencing on her walk.

Cristina tells Steve about her experiences while growing up in her father's house.

Cristina points to the second floor of her childhood home where a dead woman has haunted her for years.

Amy and Steve look across the table at their clients before the reveal begins.

Mark, Lori and Cristina await Amy's advice at the end of the reveal.

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