The Dead Files: The Devil's Bidding Pictures

Steve and Amy travel to Williamsport, PA, to investigate a home tormented by a devil.
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Amy and Matt head upstairs to meet the devil creature that their client, Jodi, says has been hiding in her closet at her family's home in Williamsport, PA.

Steve speaks with Chief Cornplanter, a reluctant warrior who led the Seneca Indians on a bloody rampage.

Jodi tells Steve how she feels abandoned by her family and terrorized in her own home.

Steve takes Jodi's hand to console her during her emotional interview.

Amy sees some disturbing and violent events on her initial walkthrough.

Lou, a local historian, gives Steve details about the Plum Tree Massacre of 1778.

Steve scrolls through old newspapers on microfiche to learn more about his client's property.

Amy remembers details about the strange creature she discovered on her walk while artist, Laura Knorr, sketches.

Laura sketches the most vivid and influential entities Amy met on her walk.

Steve looks on as Amy shares her experiences at an intense reveal in Williamsport, PA.

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