The Dead Files: Burned Alive Pictures

Steve and Amy inspect alarming paranormal activity at a Seattle restaurant. While Steve unearths evidence of a bloody massacre, Amy encounters several disturbing entities that want to harm the living.
Episode: Burned Alive
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Darcy, the owner of the Merchant's Cafe in Seattle, WA, speaks to Steve during an initial interview.

A close-up of Steve during his initial conversation with the client, Darcy.

Amy feels the presence of some dark entities immediately upon entering Merchant's Cafe.

Steve interviews Dillon, an employee of Merchant's, in the kitchen and finds out that the apparition has followed Dillon home before.

George smiles during his interview with Steve.

Amy has a fearful look on her face as she comes through a red velvet curtain.

Steve wants to get more information about the hangings that transpired across the street from Merchant's, so he talks to a police historian at the Seattle Police Museum.

The famous Space Needle towers over downtown Seattle.

Amy recalls the details of her experience as the artist draws her sketch in great detail.

Steve jots down some notes he finds on Merchant's Cafe while doing research at the Seattle Police Museum.

Amy glances back over her shoulder as Matt continues to capture the experience with his camera.

Steve speaks with one of the bartenders about his experience in the basement.

Amy and Steve listen closely to their clients during the reveal at Merchant's Cafe.

A worried bartender listens intently to Amy's advice during the reveal.

Amy studies one of Steve's research photos and wonders which of the entities it resembles.

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