The Dead Files: Alcatraz Pictures

See behind-the-scenes photos from The Dead Files Team's investigation of Alcatraz --America's most iconic and frightening penitentiary.
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On a boat ride to the mysterious island, Steve stares off into the distance at Alcatraz, what’s considered to be one of the world's most haunted prisons.

Steve Di Schiavi's research uncovers that Al Capone was housed in Alcatraz's D Block, where people have had frightening paranormal encounters.

Amy Allan is overcome by a sensation of deep despair and sadness as she enters a section of Alcatraz prison.

Former Alcatraz guard Patrick tells Steve about Robert “Birdman” Stroud, who terrorized other Alcatraz prisoners.

Physical medium Amy Allan walks the corridors of Alcatraz with Matt Anderson. She begins to feel the illnesses and pains of dead prisoners.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes snapshot with The Dead Files director Rob Traegler, Steve Di Schiavi and Amy Allan.

Steve meets with Robert --a former Alcatraz inmate-- and learns firsthand about some of the prison’s harsh conditions.

Amy steps inside solitary confinement and is confronted by a dead prisoner.

Amy senses an evil entity capable of physically touching the living. This entity is known for shoving people and pulling their hair.

Amy and Steve listen as their client, Bob, describes his harrowing experience in Alcatraz’s Cell Block D.

Amy Allan sits with sketch artist Carol, who draws the spirit that assumed the name "Stan" and showed Amy around Alcatraz.

At the reveal, Amy reviews the evidence Steve has gathered in his investigation of Alcatraz.

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