The Dead Files: Fatal Attachment Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate reports of ghostly apparitions and paranormal activity at Dr. Grimes’ dental office in Huntington, WV.
Episode: Fatal Attachment
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Steve speaks with Dr. Grimes in one of the examination rooms before he begins his investigation.

Steve speaks with Dr. Grimes' daughter outside the dental office in Huntington, WV.

The EMT, Steve, discusses the types of injuries that someone would sustain from a fall down the stairs.

Charlotte prepares for her interview in the doctor's office while the crew sets up.

Amy sits with the sketch artist while she draws the person whom Amy encountered during her investigation.

Steve discusses the death of the young girl, Lavina Wall, with one of the county's top paramedics.

Steve interviews Charlotte, a former cleaning lady, and current patient of Dr. Grimes.

Amy listens to Dr. Grimes' account of the events that occurred in the office.

Amy glances at Steve during the reveal.

Amy and Steve listen to the clients during the reveal.

The esteemed doctor and his wife listen to Steve and Amy during the reveal.

Amy and Steve listen to Dr. Grimes during the reveal.

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