The Dead Files: Assaulted Pictures

Steve and Amy are in Hanover, PA, to investigate claims of paranormal activity. Steve uncovers evidence of a distraught widow, while Amy confronts one of the most powerful paranormal entities ever.
Episode: Assaulted
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Steve Di Schiavi and Amy Allan investigate unexplained violent attacks at a terrified woman's home in Hanover, PA.

On her initial walkthrough, Amy is stopped by an entity at the bottom of the basement stairs.

At the start of his investigation, Steve asks his client how often she gets attacked by entities.

Amy describes the "very bad things" she's witnessed in her client’s basement to cameraman Matt Anderson.

During his investigation in Hanover, PA, Steve examines a gun similar to the one used in an unsolved murder case in 1878.

Steve listens to his client explain how she inexplicably received the scratches in the photo he's holding.

Amy shares details about the entity that has the most influence in the house with a local sketch artist.

The sketch artist listens intently to Amy describe the most influential entity she met on her walk.

Steve heads to the local library to search the history of his client’s property through old records.

Local author Jan Bankert shares some important history about the original settler of Steve's client’s property.

Steve and Amy sit with their clients, Tom and Deanna, to share the results of their investigations.

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