The Dead Files: Cursed Path Pictures

While investigating claims of paranormal activity at a family home in Roseburg, OR, Steve uncovers the property's turbulent past, and Amy confronts a number powerful entities.
Episode: The Cursed Path
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Steve and Amy investigate startling claims of violent paranormal activity at a family home in Roseburg, OR.

During his investigation, Steve learns horrific details about his client’s property.

While in the master bedroom of the client's home, Steve listens to Lori talk about the deteriorating relationship with her boyfriend because of the strange activity happening.

Local historian Diane Goeres-Gardner tells Steve about the Battle of Hungry Hill, which took place on his client's land.

Steve learns the history of his client's property and reviews photos of the original owner.

Steve discuses examples of past activity on the property with the homeowner.

A local sketch artist draws the most prominent entities Amy met on her walk in Roseburg, OR.

During the reveal, clients Lori and Devin wait patiently to learn about their home's history and if they will be able live there safely.

Steve and Amy reveal the evidence from their separate investigations.

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