The Dead Files: Double Jeopardy Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate reports of terrifying paranormal activity at a family-owned hotel in Santa Paula, CA.
Episode: Double Jeopardy
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Steve interviews Rosanna, the Glen Tavern Inn owner, about the paranormal activity she's witnessed in her Santa Paula, CA, hotel.

Local writer Peggy Kelly gives Steve details about a natural disaster that devastated the people of Santa Paula, CA.

With Matt following closely, Amy sees some powerful entities on the third floor of the hotel.

Steve interviews Tom, the Glen Tavern Inn owner, about his paranormal encounters at the hotel.

Tom tells Steve that he is no longer a skeptic after living in his hotel for 6 months.

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean tells Steve about a recent suicide at the Glen Tavern Inn.

Steve interviews a hotel employee as part of his investigation in Santa Paula, CA.

Rosanna, owner of the Glen Tavern Inn, tells Steve about her obsession with her hotel.

Amy shares details of the most influential entity she met on her walk through the Glen Tavern Inn.

A local artist draws the entities Amy saw on her initial walkthrough of the Glen Tavern Inn.

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