Feed the Beast: New York City Pictures

Mikey Roe ventures through the skyscraper canyons of the Big Apple to find as many late-night spots as he can before sunrise.
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Photo By: Frank Murray

Photo By: Frank Murray

Mikey Roe stops to pose before diving into the sausage and broccoli rabe hero at Fratelli's.

Fratelli’s Pizza Café in the Bronx is famous for their olive oil-drenched, garlicky sausage and broccoli rabe hero.

Fratelli’s broccoli rabe pizza is also a late-night people pleaser.

Mikey meets the customers at Crif Dogs, a culinary keystone of St. Mark's Place in New York City's eclectic East Village.

Mikey talks to the head of Halal Guys, Abdelbaset Elsaued.

Halal Guys, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, is known for their juicy lamb platters smothered in insanely spicy red and deliciously creamy white sauces.

Mikey films a segment in Tribeca in lower Manhattan.

Bubby's blueberry pancakes, among the many breakfast options available at all hours of the night, draw a crowd.

Bubby's is a favorite spot for top chefs in the city, who stop by after a long night of cooking 5-star meals for this extensive menu of comfort food, including chicken and waffles.

Bubby's steak and eggs hits the spot when you’re craving a hearty late-night meal.

Crif Dog’s hot dogs are delivered right to your bar stool at PDT, because nothing goes better with a cocktail than a deep-fried hot dog.

Mikey finds himself having to talk his way out of trouble when he runs into an officer at Hunts Point Market.

One of Crif Dogs’ 16 different dogs with 23 customizable toppings.

Crif Dogs' tater tots compliment the Jersey-style dogs perfectly.

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