Marianela at Point Lobos

Travel Channel's resident beach expert, Marianela Pereyra, becomes one with nature as she explores the scenic Point Lobos State Reserve.
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Marianela explores the park with Paul Reps of Point Lobos State Reserve.

This Monterey Cypress growing from a cliff offers a dramatic view.

Marianela poses in front of the enchanting 350-year-old Monterey Cypress.

Marianela and Paul observe the coast’s spectacular beauty.

She can’t get over the picture-perfect view.

Marianela calls the reserves “nature’s masterpiece.”

Visitors are reminded to protect the “crown jewel” of the state park system.

It’s easy to see why artists come here for inspiration.

Marianela has never seen anything like it. “We are nature’s guests,” she says.

Marianela snaps a photo of the stunning California coast.

They make a new friend -- the California Ground Squirrel.

Marianela gets up close and personal with nature, getting a better look at the wildlife.

Two birds glide overhead. The Reserve protects over 250 species of animals.

They check out these unique-looking nettles.

Sea lions sunbathe on the rocks at Sea Lion Point.

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