Baggage Battles: Bunny Money Pictures

Billy, Mark, Laurence and Sally head outside of Denver, CO, to Eaton, hoping for a Rocky Mountain High profit. Auction items include an accordian, vintage football leather helmet and much more.
Episode: Bunny Money
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Billy Leroy channels his inner musician as he examines an accordion during the auction preview in Eaton, CO.

Mark Meyer attempts to squeeze his head into a vintage leather football helmet as Laurence and Sally enjoy the show.

Billy gets his cowboy on, as he experiments with a lasso that he found during the Eaton auction preview.

Sally and Laurence set their sights on a sealed cardboard box that's up for bid in Eaton.

The crowd assembles for the auction in Eaton, CO.

Mark places a bid at the auction.

Laurence throws up his fist in celebration as he and Sally beat out the other contenders for a winning bid.

Billy's red socks pop as he waits for the bidding to begin. Who think it’s a distraction item? We do! Nicely played, Billy.

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