Dangerous Grounds: Himalayan Outpost Pictures

Go behind the scenes as Todd Carmichael attempts a seemingly impossible task -- finding unspoiled coffee beans in Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha.

Todd Carmichael crosses a suspension bridge in Nepal after promising celebrity chef, Stephen Starr, that he could find the perfect coffee beans for his restaurants.

Todd turns to an ex-Soviet pilot and a rickety, ultralight aircraft for a birds-eye-view coffee hunt.

Before setting out on his journey, Todd walks through a courtyard in Kathmandu, Nepal’s urban center.

Todd talks to the owner of a Nepali roaster about processing coffee in such high humidity. Every bag of Nepalese coffee that's made it to the states has been covered in mold, so if Todd can find the right beans, he’ll have to get them from the farm to the processor in 24 hours or they will spoil.

Todd stands in front of the bus that will take him farther into the Nepali highlands.

To catch a ride to a remote town with possible coffee farmers, Todd hops on top of a bus winding its way through the mountains of Nepal.

Todd walks the trails of Kusma, a remote town in the Nepali hills.

Todd inspects the operation of a local grower in Nepal as the grower’s son pulps the coffee berries.

Todd has to rely on the help of an entire village to get the coffee beans he needs.

Todd treks high up into the Himalayas to find a bean good enough for Stephen Starr’s Buddakan restaurants.

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